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Asfak Ahmed
Proprietor Saintmartin Service &
Manager Hanif Enterprise
Cell: +88 01713 273667
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Message from Proprietor

Assalamu Alaikum Owarahmatullah.
Hon’ble Passengers, thanks to you for having travels through Saintmartin Service. It is known to all of you that the world is going ahead with tremendous speed, internet Technology is also advancing with greater speed, the blessings of which we are enjoying in this present world.

Depending on this technology the countries like America, Europe, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Including Singapore in the developed countries, where the kinds of services are being provided in the transport sector by these countries, we the Saintmartin Service are also pledged-bound to give the same service are proceeding towards our goal step by step.

We hope in our all-out efforts, you will provide your cooperation, blessings and recommendations.